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433 people participated in the I International Scientific and Practical Conference, including representatives of relevant ministries and departments of the Russian Federation, representatives of 48 Russian universities from 18 regions of the Russian Federation, 13 countries of the world, as well as leading domestic and foreign pharmaceutical companies. 
The conference participants discussed the prospects for the development of the pharmaceutical industry in Russia and abroad, and also studied the experience of the best international practices, emphasizing that the quality of a drug is laid at the stage of pharmaceutical development, it is here that the main indicators of its effectiveness, safety and compliance with the highest international quality standards are formulated.
The First Vice-Rector - Vice-Rector for Economic Activity and Strategic Development of the RUDN University Yevgeny Sheshnyak addressed the participants with a welcoming speech. He stressed the importance of holding events of this kind on the basis of the University: “The International Scientific and Practical Conference“ Harmonization of Approaches to Pharmaceutical Development ”promotes the unification of people of different cultures through research activities and the establishment of an open dialogue with representatives of the international expert community.”
Within the framework of the expert session, topics of integration of education, business and science were raised, including the introduction of new scientific and educational practices and promising models, effective cooperation with Russian and foreign partners in the field of pharmaceutical development and harmonization of good practices. The issues of pharmacognosy and metabolomics of plants in the development of medicines of natural origin, issues of clinical research and the development of personalized medicine in Russia and abroad were discussed. Personalized medicine is patient-oriented diagnosis and treatment based on the individual characteristics of the patient.
Based on a broad discussion of modern trends in the development of the pharmaceutical industry, science and education, the participants of the International Scientific and Practical Conference adopted a resolution emphasizing that only by joint efforts of state bodies, educational institutions, research centers, and pharmaceutical companies can success be achieved in solving the tasks.
Following the conference, participants were awarded for the best poster presentations.
Rimma Alexandrovna Abramovich, Chairman of the Organizing Committee of the Conference, thanks all participants of the event, is open to proposals for the creation of international research teams based on RUDN University and invites you to become a member of ISPE, the International Society for Pharmaceutical Engineering https://ispe.org/membership/join#